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Effective Learning and Teaching of Mathematics from Primary to Secondary School


The ELTMAPS Project grew out of the concern of a group of European mathematics teachers and researchers who came together in

this common enterprise to try to identify some core issues in the cognitive area and also to address the "problematique" of presenting mathematical material and helping learners to develop ways of thinking mathematically.

The ArAl Project’s objective is to approach algebra initially as a language. The natural language learning process is analogous to that of the algebraic language. The hypothesis is that our mental structures and algebraic thinking processes begin from primary school, in parallel with our arithmetical structures and thoughts. This means we can teach and think of arithmetic in an algebraic way, through the creation of experience fields that encourage an autonomous processing of what we call algebraic babbling. This new language and the gradual acquisition of its rules take place. The applied didactics are tolerant of initial trials that favour above all a sensitivity to the meanings of the algebraic language. 

The three books offer a selection of the possible ways of working with pupils and also an account of some of the research which coleagues have undertaken to investigate the problem and support recommended pedagogical practices.


1393 ROGERS L., NOVOTNĮ J. (editors): Theory, principles and research. Effective learning and teaching of Mathematics from primary to secondary school, 2003, pp.210 € 19.00
1396 ROGERS L., NOVOTNĮ J. (editors): Classroom contexts. Effective learning and teaching of Mathematics from primary to secondary school, pp.230 esaurito


MALARA N. A., NAVARRA G.: ArAl Project. Arithmetic pathways towards favouring pre-algebraic thinking, 2003, pp. 257 esaurito

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